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Mimi is an energetic cooking instructor who is passionate about cooking in general and Ethiopian/Eritrean cuisine in particular. She finds cooking very relaxing and curative beyond its advantages. She enjoys sharing her cooking skills with her long list of experience that includes teaching cooking at community education classes in Minnesota as well as leading cooking classes around the Midwest and Southwest. Mimi’s culinary expertise spans cultures and includes everything from Mediterranean to Asian to southern food.

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Our Classes

Easy Ethiopian/Eritrean Cooking Class

Ethiopian/Eritrean food has become a favorite among foodies worldwide. The food is light, healthy, and flavorful, ranging from very spicy to very mild. Experience the thrilling discovery of exotic spices paired with daily ingredients such as vegetables, beans, and lentils. For non-vegetarian, we can use different types of meat sautéed with various kinds of flavored butter and healthy oils. Every step is educational, informative and a dream-like trip into the food culture of these historic countries.   Email mimiscookingclass@gmail.com after registration

Fee: $55.00

Supply Fee Included

Indulge yourself in this popular Chicken Pad Thai cooking class whose name means “Thai stir-fry.

 In this fun-filled and hands-on class, you will be guided step-by-step by your instructor Mimi in recreating this classic known for its diverse flavor profile of sweet, salty, sour and spicy on to properly prepare and build the flavor profile of an authentic Pad Thai sauce. Perfect for entertaining, wow your friends and family at your next dinner party with your new-found signature dish!

Fee: $55.00

Supply Fee only for in-person classes: $20.00

Youth culinary school with mimi

Food is a fun way to celebrate diversity and learn about other cultures. Gain practical kitchen skills and learn techniques to make several unique dishes. Learn to throw together the perfect pasta dough and how to roll and slice it into noodles and make an alfredo sauce to smother your freshly made noodles. Discover the secrets to restaurant-quality egg rolls and samosas that can be made right in your own kitchen. These appetizers are jammed with flavors from around the world and can be a quick way to incorporate leftovers into something new and fun to eat. Make a variety of egg rolls, samosas and dipping sauces in class. Demonstration, hands-on and tasting. Mouthwatering desserts will be served the last day of class. Receive a culinary diploma at the conclusion of class. Class includes all supplies and provides lunch daily.

Fee: $55.99**

Supply Fee Included

Handmade Pasta with Creamy Alfredo Sauce

In this hands-on cooking class, you will learn the time-honored art of creating pasta from scratch. You will learn how to throw together the perfect pasta dough as well as how to roll and slice it into noodles. You will also learn to make a creamy Alfredo sauce to smother your freshly made noodles — a rich and satisfying homemade dish. Pair it with a fresh seasonal garden salad to balance out the meal. Please email -mimiscookingclass@gmail.com after registration

Fee: $55.00

Supply Fee Included

Louisiana Jambalaya and Cornbread

Jambalaya is a one-pot, Cajun/Creole comfort food that is full of flavor and history. Learn how to make Jambalaya and Cornbread with easy recipes perfect for first timers. The ingredients list and recipes will be emailed to you. Exact location will be given after registration.

Fee: $55.00

Supply Fee only for in-person classes: $20.00

Baklava (desert)

Baklava is a traditional pastry dessert that is known for its sweet, rich flavor and flaky texture. Cook alongside instructor Mimi who is passionate about cooking and loves to share her knowledge. Prepare flavorful but easy to learn Baklava to take home and bake yourself. Hands-on class with samples provided. 

Fee: $55.00

Class Link will be updated when available


My Awaze Ethiopian/Eritrean hot sauce

Awaze is a traditional Ethiopian/Eritrean Hot or Spicy Berbere condiment Sauce/paste that’s served with most main dishes..

Price: $10.00

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